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What products has Norye developed?
Norye Hardware Co., Ltd has been committed to developing new products. You can browse our website for more information about our products. As an evolving and reliable company, we master advanced technology, create high-quality commercial grade toilet paper dispensers , and always develop new products to meet customer requirements. We believe that fresh and innovative products are our most powerful growth engine. In the future, we will invest a lot of money to develop innovative technologies.

Norye Hardware has been influential in washroom products industry. Norye Hardware's toilet backrest series contains multiple sub-products. Norye Hardware shower rod is manufactured by a team of skilled workers who adopt advanced welding technology to ensure that all joints are neat and robust. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this product is corrosion-proof. Not only does this product serve as a functional shelter for my guests but it also provides a beautiful place for my guests to enjoy the view. - said one of our purchasers. Its metal mounting base offers extra security, eliminating the danger of falling off.

We aim to make our portfolio 'trusted, quality, leadership brands'. We are working to achieve success by providing high-quality goods and services that are consistent from the beginning till the end.
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