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What honors has Norye obtained?
Norye Hardware Co., Ltd obtains related international certifications and certificates. Since founded, we have gained related global excellent system certificates to make sure the motivation of top management, and gain the process approach and continuous improvement. All our products have passed the rigorous test that helps us win a lot of standardized qualifications internationally.

Norye Hardware has been more competitive for its skills at producing shower set and serving customers. Norye Hardware's paper towel dispenser bunnings series contains multiple sub-products. shower rod is combined with high-strength, stainless shower rod material applications, as well as advanced technology. Humanized designed, the product is convenient and user-friendly. The product can be generally used for more than 500 times, which is a really worth investment for people in the long term sense. Its high-quality finishes are polished for a rich and lasting timeless style.

The breadth of our mission is to make life better by using new technologies, new ways of working and new thinking to reduce emissions and increase recycling.
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