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Happy New Year

Happy New Year


This is how Norye started in 2021. . .

In order to ensure the delivery time of customers, make up for the shortage of production labor. Under the call of Norye headquarters' human resources, various departments responded actively. Give up the New Year's Day holiday and devote to the front line of production to help production.


Thank you for having you. You who are the most beautiful in the new year, the lens leads everyone to appreciate the beautiful figure of Norye.

The sudden outbreak in 2020 disrupted all plans. However, Norye Hardware is facing difficulties, and Norye people are closely united and selflessly dedicated. In the face of the epidemic and difficulties, Norye alone worked hard to move forward. Maintaining Norye's commitment to every customer. Norye is proud of everyone. With you, Norye will have a better future.


I wish you all a happy New Year's Day and a happy family.

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