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Norye Hardware Co., Ltd is a small and medium-sized producer of stainless steel grab bar in China. Our company is to unite raw materials, labor and factory direction, and sell the final products for clients. Our firm operates in a clean environment and under the strictest quality management. Our ongoing pursuit of "customer satisfaction" motivates us to take the future challenges.

Norye Hardware has been specialized in manufacturing shower rod with affordable price. Norye Hardware's shower set series contains multiple sub-products. Norye Hardware bathroom grate drains has been certified under CE. It also meets the strict standards required in the refrigeration equipment industry and the food retail and services sector. Treated with the extra surface finish, it features rust resistance. With advantage in bathroom footrest, shower foot rest can be widely applicable to bathroom footrest. This product is widely exported to North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

We have refined a customer-centric belief system, focusing on delivering a positive experience and providing unparalleled levels of attention and support so customers can focus on growing their business.
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