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Any further technical information about Norye?
The technology adopted in Norye Hardware Co., Ltd is a system scheduling the manufacture of products and managing stock inventory. The production technology enables the brand to optimize costs, minimize inventory and maintain a steady work flow. Usually the production technology can help identify production blockages and sense capacity constraints.

Norye Hardware has been an expert in manufacturing shower foot rest. Norye Hardware's shower foot rest series contains multiple sub-products. The touch screen of Norye Hardware commercial toilet paper dispensers adopts resistive touch screen technology which relies on the pressure of fingers, pens or anything. It suits the washing rooms in hotels, homes, restaurants, gyms, and hospitals. The product is able to increase store profitability by providing instant access, allowing business owners to sell, order and market anywhere at any time. Brightly polished, this product is sleek and glossy in design.

Our goal is to improve the work environment for our people by promoting a safe and healthy workplace, reducing risks, preventing diseases and fostering their physical and psychological well-being.
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