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A letter to the client --Report on the prevention and control of the epidemic and production situation of Nory

A letter to the client --Report on the prevention and control of the epidemic and production situation of Nory


Dear Customers,

First of all, we are sorry for the delay in delivery caused by the epidemic! We believe you have heard about the epidemic situation, and our colleagues have reported to you about it on the first day of our returning.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the management of Norye company has been highly concerned and actively deployed. On February 3, all office staff have carried out home-based telecommuting,serving customers and actively preparing related matters, striving to start production as soon as possible under safe conditions, so as to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the delivery lead time and live up to your trust in Norye.

The scheduled start of work of factory on February 10 was delayed again, we will let you know as soon as the resumption of work is permitted by the government.

What did we do?


2. Timely ordered epidemic prevention and control materials,now we have enough masks, eye masks, disinfectants,body temperature guns, etc. to ensure our normal operation.


 Wechat, QQ and multi-channel propaganda in the factory to fight against pneumonia.image.png

4 Disinfect the plant twice a day to ensure the safety of working environment


What do we have now? 

Raw materials: before the Spring Festival holiday every year, we will prepare about three times of the daily raw materials to avoid the supplier's failure to keep up, and ensure the normal recovery of production capacity after the festival. Our stock of raw materials is enough for us to start work normally.
At the same time, we also actively contact suppliers and lock on the first batch of material orders after their resumption, minimizing the impact of raw materials on delivery lead time of your orders


 Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have actively deployed, managed and counted the factory employees, and the qualified employees have been in place, waiting for resumption of work.We have submitted the application report for resumption of work as required by the government on February.


3. Now our factory resumed work for a week,Our production capacity will be fully restored at March.


Under the situation of this epidemic, we not only pay attention to the health of our colleagues, but also to the order demand of our customers. We also pay attention to the development of Norye and the  core needs of our customers.

Hopefully that the epidemic will disappear quickly, and factories will resume production and return to normal work. Although it is a force manure situation, on behalf of the company, We would like to apologize to our customers, and at the same time, we appreciate your understanding and support.

We believe that the Chinese government and Norye company will properly handle relevant affairs so as
 to resume production as soon as possible.

 Thank you 
 Norye Team

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