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2019 Norye Hardware Firefighting Exercise

2019 Norye Hardware Firefighting Exercise


In order to further strengthen the safety work of the factory, enhance the fire safety awareness of all staff, improve the staff's ability to respond to fire emergency remediation, adhere to the "safety first, prevention-oriented" policy, and "people-oriented" thinking. Norye Hardware Products Co., Ltd. organized personnel to conduct fire drills.


First of all, the fire protection knowledge training was carried out, mainly from the introduction and use of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting methods and precautions, fire hazards, emergency self-help common sense and other aspects, with high practicality and operability, enriching the fire protection of employees Knowledge.


In order to put the knowledge learned into practice, the use of fire extinguishers was widely used among employees. After the fire protection training, various fire extinguisher fire drills were held in the open space of the factory. The use of various fire extinguishers and attention were emphasized. matter.

Then, the fire evacuation drill was carried out. After the fire alarm sounded, the employees of the company were evacuated in an orderly manner under the organization of the firefighters.

Taking safety production as the top priority of the company, the company holds fire protection knowledge training and drills from time to time, and through the fire knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises, to create a safe and harmonious working environment for the employees.

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